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The fall of Huh Kyung-young, who deified himself and created the Sky Palace to attract believers


Huh Kyung-young, honorary chairman of the National Revolutionary Party who was accused of exaggerating his career and publishing false information in the 20th presidential election, has been found guilty by the Supreme Court. The ruling prohibits him from running in the election until 2034.

According to the legal community on the 9th, the first part of the Supreme Court (Chief Justice Seo Kyung-hwan) confirmed the original ruling on April 25 that sentenced Huh, who was accused of violating the Public Official Election Act, to two years in prison and three years of probation.


Huh ran for the 20th presidential election in 2022 and was indicted on charges of publicizing false information by saying in Internet media and TV broadcasting speeches that he was the adopted son of the late Samsung Group Chairman Lee Byung-chul and a secret policy advisor to former President Park Chung-hee. The first and second trials admitted his guilt.

Representative Huh’s remarks can ultimately be seen as a statement to show that he is excellent in his qualifications and abilities as a presidential candidate, the first trial court said. “In the past, he attracted public attention by publishing false facts containing the same contents, and as a result, he garnered relatively high votes among small candidates in the presidential election, which seems to have recognized that it could work in favor of his approval rating.”

“Even after the ruling in this case, there is still a strong possibility that we will spread false information in our social community or announce it to voters in future elections,” he said. The second trial court acknowledged the first trial’s judgment on the basis that the spread of false information distorts voters’ judgment and undermines the nature of representative democracy.

Representative Huh objected, but the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal and confirmed the original ruling. The Supreme Court said, “The argument to the effect that the sentence is too heavy to be unfair is not a reason for appeal.”

Under the Public Official Election Act, if a person is sentenced to probation for election crimes, he will be deprived of his right to run for 10 years from the time his sentence is confirmed. As Heo was sentenced to two years of probation in prison, he will not be able to appear in the election until April 2034.

He is also under police investigation for allegedly molesting believers at the Haneul Palace, a religious facility he runs. Huh’s side completely denies the allegations.


In addition, police have launched an investigation after a man in his 80s who was living at the Haneul Palace accommodation facility, known as his religious facility, was found dead. 119 reported that his father was found dead after entering the palace. Fire authorities and police found a man in his 80s who died at a motel room in Jangheung-myeon, Yangju City. “At the time of discovery, milk that had expired about three months was found drunk near the man,” a police source said. This motel is operated by Haneul Palace. Police confirmed that the man and his wife entered the palace after living in a nursing home due to chronic diseases. “After entering the palace, the couple did not eat and only drank so-called ‘fluorinated oil’ and protein drinks,” a police source said. Bululoyu is made of regular milk with stickers bearing the face and name of the honorary CEO Heo and kept them at room temperature. “If you take Buloyu, you will be able to cure cancer and skin diseases and extend your life by more than twice,” Huh said in his lecture. “Fuloyu is also called Buloyu Elementary School.”


Can a person who called himself a god and misled many people by attaching his religious meaning confidently engage in political activities? The people who have been victimized by him should not come out anymore, and there should be no unfair ones.




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