Wednesday, June 12, 2024

various festivals on the Han River, the center of Seoul, Korea


In June, a special festival will be held to mark the beginning of summer on the Han River. Hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Sports Council, the “Shameless Hangang Triathlon” is an event that anyone can enjoy, and aims to complete the race rather than compete for a record in their own style with swimming and biking. With 15km and 31km courses for beginners, they can choose courses according to their physical strength. Swimming is provided with a 300m course (shuttle to the center for safe survival and swimming assistance), and a 1km course (underwater beam to the north end of the underwater submarine), as well as life jackets and flippers. Participants only need to complete the race in the manner of participants. Children under the age of 13 and beginners can be recognized as a completion after just one lap (200m) at a “beginner swimming zone” installed in an outdoor swimming pool. The cycling competition will be held in two courses, 10km and 20km. Participants can bring their own bikes or use the “dot-ta-neung-yi” public bicycles installed on the site, even if they do not have bikes. Tricycles for children and equilibrium bicycles are also available. There are two courses, 5km and 10km for running. One course allows them to relax as well as walk or run. You can also participate in the event in a baby car with your child. You can make a reservation by searching “The 1st Sium Hangang Triathlon Festival” on Naver to participate in the triathlon. When making a reservation in advance, you can select the date and time (three hours) to participate in the festival, and you can also apply on-site. The Seoul Sports Council, co-hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, also runs various performance booths, including experience zones for all men, women of all ages, including the Sium Shuttle Run and the Han River Sports Festival, and booths for taekwondo demonstration programs. “The 1st Sium Hangang River Triathlon is a comprehensive sports competition where any Seoul citizen can heal and enjoy leisure time on the Han River,” said Kang Tae-sun, president of the Seoul Metropolitan Sports Council. “I hope you enjoy a special and happy time with your family and friends at the Han River in June to announce the beginning of summer.”

There will also be a “FUN Experience Zone,” where all citizens who visit the festival can enjoy the Han River. Visitors can participate in programs such as “Seoul Citizens’ Fitness Center” and “Han River Sports Competition,” as well as “Nickle Live Performance,” “Han River Yoga,” and “Mini Garden Experience.” There will also be a “Taste Zone” for beginners in children and triathlons. There will also be a place where visitors can learn how to kayak and paddleboard. In the evening, visitors will be able to enjoy “Hanli.”




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