Wednesday, June 12, 2024

My breakfast alternative to health, ONALLTEIN

Kang Eun-joo, CEO of PROTEIN ONALLTEIN, had an interview with him. Kang was the first to say why he made ONALLTEIN (Brand Name) when he was interviewed. It was because he was in the pre-diabetic stage. However, since he liked sweet and stimulating foods, he thought that he could develop into diabetes in the future, so he started trying to find foods or products that could be eaten more healthily. Therefore, he said that he wanted to make it because he majored in chemistry. As the product is made with an instrument, Kang said he recommended ONALLTEIN (Brand Name) product for people who want to manage their sugar levels and pre-diabetic levels similar to his. Diabetes patients and pre-diabetic patients must eat breakfast in order to stabilize their sugar levels, but most modern people have difficulty eating a proper breakfast because they are busy or have no time. The product was tailored to those people. The first meal in the morning has the greatest effect on blood sugar levels. It is necessary to consume minerals and vitamins such as dietary fiber and protein, but most modern people have difficulty taking care of them and having difficulty eating food like that, so PROJECTEIN’s ONALLTEIN (Brand Name) is sufficient as a breakfast substitute.

In addition, it is only sweet with the sweetness from the raw materials, and other products contain about 6g of sugar, but there are only about 3g from the original, and there are a lot of dietary fiber. Honestly, people can’t go to the bathroom well when they eat shake products, but ONALLTEIN (Brand Name) ‘s products complement that because they have added dietary fiber. Lactose-degrading enzymes are added to make digestion easier, and low-quality proteins are not used to reduce the fishy smell of protein powder. It also prevents the powder-type products from feeling sticky to water. It is a product that adds a texture that is lacking in shake-type products by spreading various flavors of toppings together. When comparing products from other companies, they have a high protein content. When I put these various things in and think about their health, he said there were many difficulties until the product was completed. It was difficult to find a factory to make a product, and among them, it was the most difficult to mix ONALLTEIN (Brand Name) products. In the process, there were several implementation garages. In particular, the sugar of the product did not come out consistently, but came out differently, so various attempts were made to stabilize it by experimenting and mixing it several times.

Finally, CEO Kang talked about his goals while operating PROJECTEIN and ONALLTEIN (Brand Name). Currently, the number of pre-diabetes patients in Korea is about 2 million, and it is reported that the number of diabetes-related patients will increase in the future, and I would like to create a variety of products in the future because people will be interested in sugar and diabetes-related foods. In addition, I would like to recommend it to people who are on a diet, and I would like to recommend ONALLTEIN (Brand Name) products because nutrition is important during diet. In particular, women may have problems in the future because they may not be able to eat properly while on a diet, and they said they want to continue to manufacture various products so that people can eat more properly while on a diabetes diet. It is a company that makes products that are safer for people and can be eaten for their health.





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