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To start a business with the philosophy of creating value and develop a Doctor Eye

CEO Jeon Eui-jin, a former Navy soldier, discharged from the military with the desire to start a business and jumped on the path of starting a business. Among the various business items, the CEO chose ‘eye’. They answered that they chose snow to help people make their daily lives easier.

The development of eye mist for eye health was the first start of Malang Tank. Health is a big part of a happy life, and recently, many people are interested in it, and awareness of the importance of health care has increased. The related industry is also steadily growing. CEO Jeon Eui-jin also started a business in this regard. CEO Jeon said that he learned that there are few products and services that can manage our eye health amid the growing health-related industry. “Eyes can accommodate more than 80% of external senses, so eye fatigue or discomfort is directly linked to body fatigue, and especially since the eyes are always open except for sleeping time, I thought that management was essential because it was affected by the surrounding environment a lot. However, when I looked for a way, there was no proper way to manage my eyes, and it was cumbersome. So I created Soluiser, a solution brand for eye health, thinking that I should develop products and services that can easily and comfortably manage my eyes myself.”

It is said that while developing Doctor Eye, he had difficulty in making products that did not exist before. This is because he first started the business with only one idea without having expertise. He suffered a lot of trials and errors in the process of visiting the Internet and partner companies alone. It is said that he started by making a call, visiting, and having a conversation.

Doctor Eye, which was developed with experiences that the CEO had never experienced, focused on how to take care of the eyes easily and comfortably in everyday life. The CEO replied that most of the current eye care methods are to use a dropping solution or wash the eyes directly, and the process is cumbersome and inconvenient, so accessibility is low. “When applying artificial tears, you have to tilt your head up, you can’t blink, and when administering artificial tears, it bounces off if you aim it incorrectly, and the solution is wasted. Also, in the case of women, there are many people who are reluctant to use it because stains or marks may remain due to makeup. When washing off, the eyes are located at the center of the face, so it is difficult to manage only the eyes.” Unlike artificial tears and washing eyes, Doctor Eye is highly accessible. Doctor Eye solves the inconvenience and problem of the existing method of dropping through the method of eye care. Since the solvent is sprayed evenly, you don’t have to tilt your head, and even if you blink your eyes, you can administer it and use the solution efficiently without wasting the solvent. And it is said that the micro-spray method has the advantage of less irritation, so it can be used on children and pets.

He developed a doctor’s eye and ran a company, and the CEO said he found out that so many people were experiencing eye-related discomfort. He said he has met people who cannot sleep properly at night due to dry and cold eyes and severe pain. He said he wanted to recommend it to the elderly who have blurred eyes and are often exposed to outside ultraviolet rays, and office workers who use smart devices a lot. In addition, it can be effective for people who wear lenses or wear makeup, people who drive for a long time, and students who feel tired of their eyes by concentrating. You have to blink often to protect your eyes, but there is no time to blink in your life. If you focus on books, documents, and screens without blinking, waste accumulates and inflammation and congestion occur. The CEO says that it is recommended to take care of your eyes from time to time through the Doctor Eye.

We look forward to Doctor Eye, developed by Jeon Eui-jin, CEO of Malang Tank, who is trying to share positive values and deliver a good influence in a world where many people live together. We hope that people will be aware of Malang Tank’s “Doctor Eye Washes Your Eyes” just as they wash their hands after going out. Malang Tank’s Doctor Eye is a product that can help people’s eye health. It will keep their eyes healthy and moist. Consumers will be able to take care of eye health simply and simply without spending a lot of time and money.

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