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Protein shake that even people with diabetes can eat without worry

Recently, the number of patients with diabetes and those in the pre-diabetes stage has been increasing in Korea. In particular, in Korea, most diabetes was previously thought to be a disease for the elderly or middle-aged or older people, but the elderly population and the MZ generation of diabetes are increasing due to polarization such as blood sugar control.
As of 2020, one in six adults over the age of 30 had diabetes, which increased by more than 2% in a year. In addition, the population in the pre-diabetes range of 5.7-6.4% glycated hemoglobin reached 14.97 million, adding to the seriousness. The prevalence of pre-diabetes among young people also increased, with statistics showing that 2.08 million people in their 30s. (Statistics: Korean Medical Association) By age, 5.26 million adults aged 30 or older were diabetic, and nearly 1 million people were in their 30s (240,000) and 40s (680,000) diabetic, and the pre-diabetic population of 5.7-6.4% glycated hemoglobin reached 14.97 million, adding to the seriousness. The prevalence of pre-diabetes increased from 30s to 50s and then decreased after the 60s. The pre-diabetes population in their 30s is 2.08 million, which is why diabetes is at the center of a major health issue in modern society. There are basic principles of eating for diabetic patients. In considering the balance of regularity and nutrients in meals, sufficient intake of fiber, and intake of sugar, it is also based on preventing spikes from occurring per type.

However, modern people living in a busy modern era must eat regular meals and breakfast, but there is a limit to eating accordingly. That is why people are looking for dietary alternatives. However, most of the existing protein shakes are a bad choice for diabetics because they are high in sugar and calories and low in dietary fiber. However, diabetics often have to eat in the morning because of the possibility of low blood sugar shock. That is why diabetics have many difficulties purchasing and choosing meal replacements. There is a Korean start-up company that has stepped up to solve that problem. It is Projectin. Kang Eun-joo, CEO of Projectin, paid attention to the management of glycated hemoglobin in the pre-diabetes stage, so he became interested in the problems that occur in the process of preparing, eating, and consuming meals of modern people, and created a product called ‘Onalltein’. With the protein shake, he created a product that allows diabetics to eat healthier and more balanced meals. ‘Onalltein’ product is low in calories and can be consumed easily and lightly in the morning. It is a protein-free, sugar-free, and colorless element that must be consumed throughout the day. It uses only raw materials to maintain the sugar content at about 2g and helps digestion with three types of digestive enzymes and lactobacilli. It contains a total of 12 kinds of vitamins and minerals, helping to maintain a healthier body condition. ‘Onalltein’ protein shake is a meal replacement for busy modern people, not just many diab.









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