Monday, May 20, 2024

Taste of Love Numericalization 「Love AI Bread」, collaboration with Japanese electricity company and bakery, analyzes people’s emotions using AI technology and makes bread


AI bread using artificial intelligence technology has made its debut in Japan. Japanese bakery Kimura and electronics company Nippon Electric (NEC) launched “Love AI Bread” together on the 1st. The concept of this bread is that you can indirectly experience the emotions you feel when you are in a relationship through bread. The reason for making such bread is the recent decline in dating among young people in Japan. NEC said, “We developed ‘AI Bread’ that allows you to experience love indirectly, thinking that the number of young people who are in a relationship is decreasing, but the number of young people who want to be in a relationship will not decrease.” The bakery and electronics companies have combined because they are facing the challenge of how to attract the younger generation in Japan.

Two artificial intelligence technologies were used to select ingredients in the bread. According to NEC, the development team used AI to translate a 15-hour dating reality program into text before developing the bread.


In addition, through the AI program, high school students’ conversations and romantic feelings were identified in the program, and “emotional scores” were given for each scene.

Based on the visual map that was created in this way, I made bread by finding ingredients that are linked to specific emotions. 35,000 songs with food names in the lyrics were also used as a database.

The bread they released came in five different flavors, each expressing “fate meeting,” “first date,” “jealousy,” “heartbreak of tears,” and “a mutual heart.” For example, “jealousy” flavored bread contained purple sweet potatoes, truffle oil, and raisins. Peaches, dragons, and honey were used in “a mutual heart.”

Recently, the younger generation tries to feel emotions through indirect experiences rather than direct experiences. Can we become mature people through indirect experiences? Do you want to feel love, encounter, breakup, jealousy, and broken heart through ai bread?




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