Wednesday, July 24, 2024

SUV, which is popular as a family vehicle in France, will be kicked out due to eco-friendly policies.


Now to park an SUV in downtown Paris, you’ll have to pay three times as much parking as you do now.

In a Paris referendum held on the 4th local time, 54.5% of all voting participants approved of the increase in SUV parking costs.

Turnout was extremely low at 5.7%, but as the increase is passed, the cost of parking an SUV rises significantly.

The cost of parking an SUV in the city centre of Paris, currently €6 an hour, will rise to €18, while the 12th to 20th wards will rise from €4 to €12 in the outskirts of Paris.

In particular, progressive fees will be applied after two hours, and if you park for six hours in downtown Paris, you will have to pay 225 euros.

Over the past decade in France, SUVs have become so popular for families that registered vehicles have increased sevenfold, accounting for 40% of new car sales.

However, Paris Mayor Hidalgo, who is pushing strongly for eco-friendly policies, has pointed to SUVs as a target to exit, saying they consume more fuel and emit more pollutants.

In particular, ahead of the Paris Olympics this summer, it is persuading citizens that it is necessary to make Paris a more convenient city for pedestrians and cyclists.




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