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Rediscovering hidden tourist attractions through broadcasting

The Gangwon-do Tourism Organization (CEO Kang Ok-hee) said in a big data-based analysis of Gangwon tourism trends in 2022, the total number of tourists visiting Gangwon-do in September was 13.31 million, and interest in relatively unknown tourist attractions is expanding.

The number of visitors in September increased by 1.26 million from the same month last year to 10%, while the previous month decreased by 4.39 million to 25%. The main reason for the increase compared to the same month last year is the increase in tourism demand due to the release of social distancing despite the impact of worsening weather caused by typhoons. Compared to the previous month, it is estimated that the decrease in the number of tourists due to the end of the summer vacation was affected.

In the visitor data by city and county, the number of visitors to 14 cities and counties increased compared to the previous year. Accordingly, Chuncheon City (about 20%), Donghae City (about 19%), Jeongseon-gun (about 18%) showed an increase year-on-year.

In September 22, Gangwon-do’s tourism consumption was about 180.8 billion won, an increase of 22.2 billion won from the same month last year to +14%, and a decrease of 91.9 billion won from the previous month to -33.7%. Compared to the previous year, tourism consumption showed an increase in the order of leisure (+18%), accommodation (+15.5%), and food (+14%).

According to the analysis by major tourist destinations, Hwacheon’s “Athema Arboretum Park” increased by about 79% compared to the previous year. According to an analysis of social media-related search terms, two broadcasts set in Love Tree, a zelkova tree in the tree park in late August and mid-September, “The Men of the Wind” and “Good Heads” were the factors of the increase in visits. In particular, it was analyzed that the average tourist rate increased by 84% on weekends and 76% on weekdays compared to the same month last year.

Yeongwol Mo-dong Mural Village showed a 70% increase in visitors compared to the previous month, and according to an analysis of SNS-related search terms, it was found that the popularity among trekking tourists increased as the main filming location of the Untan Godo Village Hotel, which aired in August. In particular, the increase rate of tourists compared to the previous month was 111% on weekends and 45% on weekdays. In addition, those in their 30s showed an 87% increase from the previous month. 

Won Moon-kyu, head of tourism marketing at the Gangwon Tourism Foundation, said, “The broadcast has led to the influx of tourists from the Seoul metropolitan area as hidden attractions in addition to the existing autumn leaves tourist attractions.”


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